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Отзывы о работе института

Имя:Бубнова Мария
ФИО ребенка:Бубнова Екатерина
Дата обращения:29.09.2021
Врач/отделение:Петряев А.К. / Травматологический пункт

Вчера поздно вечером моя дочка (2г7м) подвывихнула левую руку (запястье). Мы собрались и поехали в неотложку на Полянку. Приехали в 23.00, все сотрудники: и охрана, и младший мед. персонал, и регистратор, все до единого были очень доброжелательны. Нам быстро оформили карту и мы попали в кабинет к доктору Петряеву. Дочка держалась за руку с самого дома, ничего не могла в нее взять, плакала. Доктор нашел подход к малышке, провел осмотр и даже не заметила, КАК он вправил ручку. Дочка сразу успокоилась и этой рукой сразу же взяла игрушку. Чудо доктор. Нежно, доброжелательно и очень квалифицированно оказал помощь. Спасибо ему большое! И всем сотрудникам спасибо!

ФИО ребенка:Алешин Егор Владимирович
Дата обращения:26.06.2021
Врач/отделение:Маршинцев А.В. / Отделение нейрохирургии

Хотелось бы выразить огромную благодарность всему нейрохирургическому отделению, и, в частности, Маршинцеву Андрею Викторовичу. Мы поступили в больницу по скорой 26 июня с подозрением на сотрясение мозга от 24 июня. Врач в приемной решил оставить нас, т.к. не понравился наш глаз. В результате обследования выявили осколочный перелом орбиты правого глаза. Маршинцев А.В. вместе с Измайловым А.Р. и Калашниковым А.А. прооперировал сына. В результате операции подвижность глаза полностью восстановлена, зрение осталось 100%, и о травме ничего не напоминает. В нейрохирургическом отделении работают настоящие Врачи и профессионалы своего дела, отношение всего персонала, от нянечки, медсестры и заканчивая заведующими за все время пребывания оставило только положительные эмоции. Спасибо Вам огромное за Ваш труд и профессионализм.
С благодарностью, Светлана Алёшина, мама Алёшина Егора

Имя:Marie Rrose, Finlay, Kyle, Mojca and Michael
ФИО ребенка:Marie Rrose
Дата обращения:10.2020
Врач/отделение:Отдел сочетанной травмы, анестезиологии и реанимации и Отделение травматологии (4 х/о)



From the first check-in, October 2020 throughout the course of the treatments and of the final appointments in August 2021 the care you have given by your team has been phenomenal words can not express the amount of thanks you all deserve for being so compassionate during this time. As a family and guests of the country of Russia, we would like to express our indebtedness to The state budgetary health care institute for the attentive care shown to us. Thank you, you're amazing.

The medical treatment your team provides may not seem complicated to you but it does to your patients your entire team worked together to make sure nothing was overlooked and deserves sincere gratitude for the kindness and consideration for making an overwhelming situation, easier to handle for us as a family.

The catering staff for their dedication in providing meals also, to the domestic service, thank you, for the kindness shown during the convalescence of our daughter Marie Rrose, is very much appreciated thank you sincerely, one and all. Friendly and efficient staff are responsible for what happens behind the scenes at a hospital thank you to the administration team who made things easy to fill out everything quickly and correctly this deserves appreciation for their hard work. Thank you so much.

To all the nurses, a special thank you for the kind attention given to Marie Rrose you clearly are hard-working team members that silently work behind the scenes to make sure the doctors have the tools and resources that are required to care for patients and interact with each other on a daily basis this is never in the spotlight yet you are there making sure the doctors can fulfil their jobs to the best of their abilities it's often noticed when things go wrong and taken for granted when things run smoothly as a family we valued your dedication to keeping us up and running your efforts, are truly appreciated. Again thank you for your dedication, passion and commitment. The true heroes and sheroes of this generation, without a doubt.

Our appreciation to the anaesthesiologists, Dr T. Novikova & Dr N. Raushenbah. We must compliment you, not only on your professionalism but also, the warm and understanding approach towards Marie Rrose, she said; The nicest part of the surgery was going to sleep. It is reported that a good doctor understands responsibility better than privilege and practise accountability better than business. You provided exceptional medical care making sure all treatment was delivered with careful attention, dedication and compassion towards a patients comfortability during surgery you were/are a major contribution to the success of our daughter's recovery process with trauma and pain reduction thank you for your care and attention given during this time our family is grateful and moreover appreciative. Again thank you.

Dr N. Serova. Thank you for being so thorough and attentive for all the hard work in getting the surgery organised and authorised you treated us with such kindness it does not go unnoticed the care and compassion we received are beyond words when you related how the surgery was going you clearly answered questions that calmed our nerves and the extra time you took from your busy schedule is very much appreciated. There is no duty more indispensable than returning a kindness. A message from Marie Rrose to you.'' Before saying you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you you are an extraordinary human being. Thank you for the kindness shown to me during my surgery especially, in the operating theatre you made me feel secure and comfortable at a difficult time my first time in a hospital ) You made me feel Ok about that I was so awestruck, terrified but you made it easier for me to deal with. My family value you so much, thank you. You are a Star.

Mr S. Sidorov & Mr A. Kushnarev. We are so filled with gratitude, appreciatory of your excellent work during Marie Rrose's clavicle fracture which happened in October 2020 during a equestrian stadium jumping practice. Your exceptional skills made what was likely a difficult surgery go so smoothly, from our point of view ). Thank you for being dedicated, thoughtful and compassionate doctors that you are above and beyond working tirelessly towards a painless and healthy outcome We can not thank you enough for being on top of your game and making the procedure a success. Surgery is one of the scariest things a patient can experience especially when someone so young is involved your efforts in making the process as calming as possible for Marie Rrose our appriciative daughter thanks everyone for all your time and hard work and dedication. A special thank you for your efforts with the surgery from start to finish which went better than expected no one could ask for better surgeons not forgetting the theatre orderlies. You are so appreciated if you should ever wish to visit Scotland please, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to welcome you there. Again thank you. As a family, we are so grateful, humbled, at the compassion and care shown to our daughter Marie Rrose, while in your care. Good luck, with all best wishes to you all.

Marie Rrose, Finlay, Kyle, Mojca and Michae

Имя:Грицай Ольга
ФИО ребенка:Грицай Варвара Александровна
Дата обращения:04.08.2021
Врач/отделение:Лушников А.М., Серова Н.Ю. / Отделение травматологии (4 х/о)

Выражаю огромную благодарность всему персоналу 4 х/о за профессионализм и доброе отношение к пациентам. Особенно врачам Лушникову А.М.,Серовой Н. Ю. Храни Вас всех Господь!

Имя:Грицай Ольга
ФИО ребенка:Грицай Варвара Александровна
Дата обращения:21.01.2021
Врач/отделение:Реанимация и Отделение травматологии (4 х/о)

Огромная благодарность всем работникам реанимации и 4 х/о за спасение моей дочери и за внимательное добросовестное отношение и заботу. Особенно врачам - хирургам, которые делали операции моей дочке Варе. Вы сотворили чудо! Низкий Вам поклон, храни Вас Господь.

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