Medical Tourism

State-Financed Institution "Clinical and Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Trauma" of the Moscow Healthcare Department (CRIEPST)    

- is one of the leading medical institutions for medical care to children with emergency diseases and traumas;

- provides round-the-clock emergency surgical, trauma and neurosurgical assistance to children;

- has modern resources for diagnostics, medical and rehabilitation assistance.


Inpatient diagnostic care

Emergency and planned surgery of diseases of the abdominal cavity and pelvis. Musculoskeletal, soft tissue injuries aggravated by purulent infection. Brain and spinal cord injuries, injuries of the peripheral nervous system and their consequences. Congenital and acquired malformations of the central nervous system, hydrocephalus, etc.

Outpatient Consultative and Diagnostic Assistance

Consultations: neurologist, neurosurgeon, traumatologist, orthopedist, surgeon, urologist-andrologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, gastroenterologist, vascular surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon.

Diagnostics: MRI, CT, ultrasound, EEG, ECHO-EG, ECHO-CG, endoscopy, blood tests, urine tests, etc.

Laser surgery and therapy: ENT pathologies, ingrown nail;  removal of warts, papillomas, genital warts, moles, pigmented spots, vitiligo, hemangiomas, scars, tattoos, etc.

Emergency and urgent surgical, traumatological, neurosurgical medical care for children is provided free of charge , pursuant to the State Guarantee Program for the provision of free medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation.

Routine medical assistance to foreign citizens (consultations, diagnostic tests or treatment) is  provided on a chargeable basis.


• Medical services  for planned care  to citizens who are not entitled to receive them for free (persons who do not have a compulsory health insurance policy issued by the Russian Federation authorities, foreign citizens, etc.).

• Medical services for citizens  with voluntary health insurance, if  there is a contractual relationship between CRIEPST  and a particular insurance company.


Types of medical care

Profile of medical care

Primary care

Traumatology and orthopedics

Specialized, including hi-tech assistance

• obstetrics and gynecology (except  assisted reproductive technologies);

• gastroenterology;

• pediatric urology-andrology;

• pediatric surgery;

• dietetics;

• cardiology;

• clinical laboratory diagnostics;

• coloproctology;

• laboratory diagnostics;

• curative physical trainings  and sports medicine;

• medical massage;

• neurology;

• neurosurgery;

• oncology;

• otorhinolaryngology (except   cochlear implantation);

• ophthalmology;

• pediatrics;

• psychotherapy;

• radiology;

• reflexotherapy;

•  ultrasound diagnostics;

• physiotherapy;

•  functional diagnostics;

• surgery;

•  maxillofacial surgery;

• endoscopy;

• neurosurgery;

• traumatology and orthopedics

• urology

• neurology (neurorehabilitation);

Terms and conditions for  chargeable  medical services

In these Rules, the following basic concepts are used:

"chargeable medical services" - medical services provided at the expense of personal funds of the citizens, legal entities’ funds and other contract-based funds, including voluntary medical insurance contracts (hereinafter - the contract);

“consumer” - an individual who intends to receive or who receives chargeable medical services - in accordance with the contract. A consumer receiving chargeable medical services is a patient covered by the Federal Law "On the Basic Principles  of Protecting Health of the Citizens of  the Russian Federation";

“customer” - an individual (legal) person who intends to order (to purchase) or have being ordering (acquiring) chargeable medical services in accordance with the contract in favor of the consumer;

"performer" - a medical organization that provides chargeable medical services to consumers.

• chargeable medical services are provided pursuant to the  Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation,  dated October 4, 2012,  No 1006.

• chargeable medical services are provided to  foreign citizens who are not insured under compulsory medical insurance, when applying for medical services on their own (except ambulance aid and emergency and urgent medical care that is provided free of charge).

• chargeable medical services are provided following the receipt  of an  informed consent from  the consumer (or parents/ care-givers).

•chargeable medical services are  carried out under a valid license, a signed contract and a receipt for payment.

• chargeable medical services  are a supplement  to free medical care for citizens guaranteed by law.

Procedure of concluding the contract and paying for medical services

1. The contract is concluded by the consumer (customer)  and the performer in written.

2. The contract is drawn up in 3 copies, one of which is for  the performer, the second one - for the customer, the third one - for  the consumer. If the contract is concluded by the consumer and the performer, it is drawn up in 2 copies.

3. A cost estimate may be drawn up for the provision of chargeable medical services. The cost estimate is an integral part of the contract and it is issued to the consumer upon request.

4. Should it be necessary to provide any additional chargeable medical services not mentioned in the initial cost estimate and during  chargeable  medical services provision,  the performer must notify the consumer (customer) about this. The performer must not provide additional any chargeable medical services without consumer’s (customer’s) consent.

5. Should it be necessary to provide additional chargeable medical services for emergency reasons to eliminate the threat to the life of the consumer ( in case of sudden acute disease or state,  exacerbations of chronic diseases), such medical services are provided for free  in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Basic Principles  of Protecting Health of  the Citizens of  the Russian Federation".

6. If the  consumer refuses of medical services after signing  the contract, the contract is terminated. The performer  informs the consumer (customer) about the termination of the contract by the initiative of the consumer, while the consumer (customer) pays the performer  expenses actually incurred by the performer arisen from  the fulfillment of obligations under the contract.

7. The consumer (customer) must pay for medical services provided by the performer in time and in the manner specified by the contract.

8. The consumer (customer) is issued with a document confirming the payment for medical services provided (cash register receipt, receipt or other report  document of the established form) in  accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. After executing the contract, the performer issues the consumer (or parents/care-givers) with medical documents (copies of medical documents, extracts from medical documents) that reflect patient's  state of health following the receipt of chargeable medical services.

10. Conclusion of a voluntary medical insurance contract and payment for medical services provided in accordance with the signed contract are pursuant to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Basic Principles  of Protecting Health of  the Citizens of  the Russian Federation".

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